Friday, December 02, 2011

PXELinux: Boot ISO image from network

PXELinux’s memdisk module may boot ISO image from network.  However, not all ISO file support network booting.  It is worth to try if you need the boot ISO image via PXELinux.

The following example shows two configuration to boot WinPE and SeaTools ISO.  The PXE supports iPXE/gPXE to allow HTTP loading of ISO file.  You may use native TFTP protocol for file loading too.

label WinPE ISO
        kernel syslinux/memdisk
        append iso
        initrd http://<ip-address>/winpe7_x64.iso

label SeaTools
        menu label SeaTools for DOS v2.23
        kernel syslinux/memdisk
        append iso
        initrd http://<ip-address>/SeaToolsDOS223ALL.ISO

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