Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Git: Using SmartGit in Windows

Windows users was addicted to GUI interface.  Command line git may be hard for users to get started with.  A nice Java based GIT GUI is available to fill the space.  SmartGit is there to help manage your Git repository using nice GUI frontend.  You may choose the portable SmartGit too in this case.

Work with SmartGit

SmartGit GUI frontend is easy to use.  Most of the common Git command is available in top buttons bar:


To make SmartGit works, you should tell SmartGit where your Git executable is.  Navigate to Edit | Preferences…


Using external file comparator

Smart support external file comparator by navigate to Edit | Preference | Tools | File Comparators:


Git SSH client

SmartGit provides two SSH client access: System SSH client or Smart SSH client:


SmartGit as SSH Client does not possess all SSH client option.  Using System SSH client with ssh.exe or putty plink.exe may enjoy most from SSH.

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