Friday, May 21, 2010

Linux: Configure DHCP Server

It is pretty easy to configure DHCP server for Linux.

Install DHCP server

# yum list dhcp* 
Installed Packages 
dhcp.i386                                12:3.0.6-10.fc8        installed 
dhcpv6-client.i386                       0.10-51.fc8            installed 
Available Packages 
dhcp-devel.i386                          12:3.0.6-10.fc8        fedora 
dhcp-forwarder.i386                      0.7-12.fc7             fedora 
dhcp-forwarder-sysv.i386                 0.7-12.fc7             fedora 
dhcp-static.i386                         12:3.0.6-10.fc8        fedora 
dhcpv6.i386                              0.10-51.fc8            fedora

# yum install dhcp.i386  // depend on the yum list output

Configure DHCP Server

A sample dhcpd.conf can be found in /usr/share/doc/dhcpd-*/dhcpd.conf.sample  You may grab it and copy to /etc folder for further configuration.

Prior to Fedora 11, the dhcpd.conf is keep under folder /etc.

Fedora 11 and above, the dhcpd.conf should keep in folder /etc/dhcp

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