Friday, October 03, 2008

Delphi 2009: Project Management

  1. In Delphi 2007,if we compile our application with runtime package that has dot in the package file name (eg: SQL.patch.vcl.dcp), an exception EPackageError will prompt. This issue no longer exist in Delphi 2009. (Reference: QC#48394, Package naming cause problem in runtime)
  2. Project file (.dproj) always turn to modifed state when first open. (Reference: QC#66781,
  3. Dot (.) is not allow in LIB Prefix. (Reference: QC#66782,
  4. Incorrect status of inherited value in Build configuration after upgrade D2007 Project file (*.dproj) (Reference: QC#66786,
  5. Build Configuration:
    1. New Build configuration implement new Option Set introduced in Delphi 2009.
    2. For our development environment, we define build configuration as below:
      1. Base (..\build\optset\Base.optset)
        1. Debug (..\build\optset\Debug.optset)
        2. Profile (..\build\optset\Profile.optset)
        3. Release (..\build\optset\Release.optset)

  6. RC Files
    1. Remove library.rc file from Project Manager
    2. Add "..\build\rc\library.rc" into Project
    3. Remove "{$R 'rc\library.res' 'rc\library.rc'}" on first line of *.dpk files
    4. Add "{$R 'library.res'}" below "{$R *.res}"

    5. Build and Compile
    6. You should see "library.res" appears in Contains node of Project Manager when you re-open the project again next time.


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