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Sisulizer prompt for Personal folder to install the Sisulzer sample project files during installation. To allow public access of the sample project files, enter C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sisulizer 3 in Personal Folder text box:


Translation Engine - Microsoft Translator

Sisulizer supports translation using translator engine. Most of the online translators are paid service. Microsoft Translator, however, is free to some extend.

Use Tools | Translation Engines... to configure translation engine:

Microsoft Translator provides 2,000,000 Characters free of charge per month. Charged subscription is available for additional characters translation.

Follow these steps to use Microsoft Translator in Sisulizer:

  1. Sign up Windows Azure Marketplace.
  2. Subscribe Microsoft Translator. e.g.: Subscribe 2,000,000 Characters/month for free.
  3. Click Register Your Application at the bottom of your Windows Azure Account for Sisulizer application:
  4. Start Sisulizer, open Tools | Translation Engines… to add Microsoft Translation Engine:
  5. Enter Client id and Client secret accordingly. You may also use the Register Account button in Sisulizer to register Sisulzer to your Windows Azure account:

Disable Create Backup project File

Localized Delphi Application

  1. Open Sisulizer project wizard: File | New...
  2. Select Source Type: Localize a file or files

  3. Select File. Select an executable binary file. e.g.: .EXE, .BPL or .DLL

  4. Select File Format: Delphi binary file
  5. Select Windows resource types
  6. Set additional VCL option:
    1. Unset Localized files
    2. Set Resource DLLs
    3. Set DRC file name
  7. Select languages:

  8. Click Finish button to close project wizard.

  9. Open project properties:

    1. Set Resource DLLs file name template as . (ISO hyphen language code):

    2. Set Ignore Form Scaling in VCL options page:

    3. Start localization process by using manual translation or translation engine.

  10. Build project to produce resource DLL files:

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